The people who enrich my life

I meant to start this blog much earlier so I could capture some pre-departure thoughts. But I got caught up with so much more love and generosity from my dearest friends, family and former colleagues (it’s really hard for me to say former) than I expected. Because I am coming back to Vancouver, Canada not too long from now, the rounds of farewells surprised me.

When I finally got on the plane and just be with myself for a day, I had time to absorb and be grateful for the following:

  • all the help my parents provided to ease my preparation for this trip and making my stay with them the last month very comfortable
  • my amazing colleagues who have given me the most memorable experiences I’ve had in a workplace environment
  • the time people took to write the kindest words to me
  • my generous friends who made time and shared meals with me and offered their homes and couches whenever I needed to stay in Vancouver in the last month
  • the people who supported me in this journey

I am grateful every day for the people who are in my life and their generosity. I think our group attracts similar people and that’s been able to make our circles so inclusive and diverse.

The one thing that I feel people don’t give enough of in Vancouver is their time. Their undivided attention, quality time connecting with people and enjoying each other’s company. It’s not gifts that best show our appreciation for each other, it’s the time we make. Don’t wait until someone is severely ill to spend time with them. I’ve talked to several people the past few years who have lost loved ones early and their biggest regrets is not spending time with them or the person who passed away didn’t get to do what they wanted to do in their lives because they kept putting it off.

So far in the few days I have been in Siem Reap, I have experienced nothing but generous people and a welcoming organizational family.


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