How to cross the street in Siem Reap

It does feel scary at first when you’re crossing the streets here because there are few traffic lights and you think everyone is going to run into you on the road. That’s a common first reaction when you grow up in a very traffic-regulated city.

The way to cross is do not hesitate! Once you decide you will start walking or pedaling, don’t stop. People will weave around you on their scooters and bikes. People go at a pretty leisurely pace so there is time to react. I’ve ridden my bicycle as fast if not faster than the pace of many of the scooters.

It makes you more alert in many ways because you always have to pay attention around you. Though of course there are many traffic accidents that happen.

I’m already getting used to seeing young kids driving their siblings or friends around on scooters. Only the driver has to wear a helmet. I wonder when this rule might change.



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