Honeymoon around the world

I met this amazing couple, Zita and Arpi, who are on the 20th month of their honeymoon. They are cycling around the world! Check out their blog cyclingthe360.com

They began in Budapest, where they are from, and they have cycled through Europe, parts of the Middle East and they are now in Cambodia staying with my friend. This is the first time they’ve been outside of Europe!

I asked Zita, “How do you know which areas are safe?” and she said, “Everywhere is safe. The people in the Muslim countries have been the most hospitable. We were just looking at a woman’s house from outside and she just invited us in and we were complete strangers. Would you do that?” I paused and I can’t say that I would let just anyone in my home.

At the moments they were the most exhausted, they pushed themselves to stay with a family and sacrifice the opportunity of having personal space in a hotel. Arpi said, “We’ll have the best experience if we stay with a family. When we meet other people in countries who fly in, they don’t think it’s a big deal. For us every kilometer we finish feels magical. And when we enter a country, it feels magical.” This is really inspiring and they tell their stories with so much passion.

The couple commented on wanting to share their stories to also dispel negative stereotypes about people in different countries and how hospitable and generous they were.

Arpi said in Budapest, people drive alone in these big cars and they look sad. In India and other countries, there are five to fifteen people on a vehicle and they are smiling and laughing. We need to regain that connection again.

Their next destination is Thailand.


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