Couple cycling around the world for their honeymoon (video)

I was fortunate to meet Zita and Arpi at SmallWorld in Phnom Penh and learn their amazing story. To date, they’ve been cycling for 20 months from Budapest, through the Middle East and now in Southeast Asia. This is the first time they’ve been outside of Europe and what a way to see the world!

They’ve met among the most generous people along the way. In this clip, they mention how the news only tells a fraction of the story of the world. They want to experience the world for themselves and get the full picture beyond our fear-driven TV screens.

Follow their inspiring adventure at and their Facebook page at

Please forgive me for the poor quality, I just used my digital camera and obviously not a trained videographer. I will improve as I go.

The black line in the picture below marks the countries they’ve cycled to so far


We went cycling for a few hours in Phnom Penh and visited two pagodas. We were fortunate to have a monk join us for breakfast at the pagoda and learn about his life.

So cute!



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