What we have in common

Support has no geographical boundaries thanks to the interwebs, particularly instant chat. To be honest, while I’ve been immersing myself in the beautiful Kingdom of Cambodia, I have thought very little of Vancouver with the exception of my family and friends.

I started to miss people more a few days ago and the instant chats with my friends when needed. I wanted to talk about something specifically and of course, as the universe works in funny ways, someone I didn’t specifically reach out to messages me after we haven’t been in touch for a month and she said all the words I needed to hear.

She reminded me that no matter where we are in the world or what state we are in, we are loved by the people in our lives. And when we carry them in our hearts, nothing else matters. Just remember to focus on what you have, no what you don’t have.

What we have in common

In the few weeks that I’ve been here, I’ve met people in rural areas, tourists from very wealthy families, volunteers from many countries and entrepreneurs with big dreams. My interactions with them exemplifies that we all have the following in common no matter where we are in our lives and where we live in the world:

  • We cry when our grandparents pass away
  • We cry when we learn a loved one has cancer
  • We want our children to be healthy and be educated
  • We want to be loved and accepted by family and good friends
  • We need support when we are suffering or down
  • We hurt if we are not accepted for who we are by our family

What people deserve

After seeing how much people, particularly women and children, have to struggle to survive both in Cambodia, Vancouver and other places in the world, I hope to make my contribution in any way I can see people getting what they deserve, including the following:

  • To have a holistic education in school and in life
  • To be able to explore interests and further build on their talents
  • To be able to be mobile within their city, country and the world
  • To be loved my family and friends
  • To be able to learn about anything
  • To have the freedom of communication and sharing ideas
  • To live in a healthy environment
  • To have access to healthy food
  • To have the freedom of choice
  • To have the freedom to be themselves
  • To have the freedom to love who they wish

One wish

As I interact with more people, I’m going start asking them, “If you had one wish, what would it be?” I want to see what people’s wishes are around the world and see what common themes come up if they do.

So far between myself and one of my Khmer friends, our wishes are:

“To travel the world!”

“To have enough money to build social enterprises around the world and live comfortably.”

What’s your wish?


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