Poverty in a so-called “developed” country

My friend shared this video featuring Ronald Davis, a man who’s been living on the street for almost two years.

This video made me think about the different types of poverty that can exist. Most people immediately associate poverty with not having much money or material things. But what about people who have many material things but few quality relationships in their lives? Or people who have a lot of money but who are miserable? Maybe spiritually or socially poor?

One thing that struck me the most in this video was when he said, “Everybody gets on the Metro and then I just feel so bad that I can’t be going home. It’s really emotional because I’m really trying to get myself together to get off the street . . . No matter what people think about me, I know I’m a human first.”

When I was watching this video from Siem Reap, I immediate though of the paradox of this man who lives in one of the world’s riches countries who has no house, family or friends to go to and struggles every day to get food and a place to sleep without getting kicked off by the police.

By contrast, I look at my Cambodian friends who are not financially wealthy by any means but they have a comfortable home to come to, a loving family with enough food to eat, a place to take a bath and good memories to share. I’ve shared meals with families and friends around the country and their homes are filled with laughter, jokes and love.

Poverty comes in various forms and financial poverty is not always the worst kind that exists.


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