First week in Bali, Indonesia


I’ve been in Bali almost a week and a half now and there is so much to write about! I’m captivated by the rich and complex history of each of the 17,504 islands that make up Indonesnia.

I’ll admit I didn’t know much about the country before coming here to meet my friend so I’m learning as much as I can while I’m here. I’m resorting to seeing very historical sites and local places, taking pictures, and learning the details after.

DSC_0801While Indonesia is made up of hundreds of ethnic and linguistic groups, they have one common language which is Bahasa Indonesia. I was surprised to learn how diverse and complex the country was, but that’s my own fault. My friend said between islands, it feels like you’re traveling between different countries. I really love listening to the language, and some words sound like Spanish or Italian.

It would be incredible to spend months on a variety of islands to really get a deep understanding of the different cultures throughout the country.

Thanks to my wonderful friend who is living in Bali, I’ve seen so much in a week. So far we’ve seen beautiful temples, rice terraces, went whitewater rafting (on our second day), ate a variety of local food, saw ladyboys and more on all sides of Bali. Driving around on a motto is one of the best ways to see the islands because we can stop anytime we want to and the gas is about $1.50 US to fill each time.

I’ll write more in depth about each aspect of the trip over the next few posts.


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