Elephant pant rant

I know I’m the last person to have any credibility to comment on fashion, but after 11 months of being in Asia, I feel I can safely say that just because every other tourist wears elephant pants, doesn’t mean it looks good!

If this is people’s idea of cultural integration, then they need to be a bit more creative. Have you seen any local person wearing elephant pants?

Why not just buy a shirt that says, “Look at me I’m a tourist!”?

Wearing elephant pants as a couple still doesn’t make it cute. Sorry.

No comment.



4 thoughts on “Elephant pant rant

  1. I’m with you, i just came back from my trip to Cambodia and Thailand, yes, i got enough of this pant everywhere and almost everyone used it. -_-“!
    One thing everyone should think before buying this pant; “I’m i suitable for this??”
    But, this kind of thing is a tourist privilege 😀 😀

    • Haha at least you had the sense to reflect before you bought. We had a good friend that bought the pants and they ripped in the middle after only 8 hours of use. Karma.

      • That’s so funny (ooops, sorry), i couldn’t hold my laugh, kekekekeke.
        So when will you back to any part of Indonesia?

      • Hi Yuna! I don’t know when I will be back in Indonesia but I absolutely want to return to visit friends and see other parts of the beautiful country! Where in Indonesia are you?

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