Eating duck embryo in the Philippines

I went to the highly recommended island Palawan in the Philippines in February this year. Thanks again to Couchsurfing, my friend and I had another incredible time with local people and other couch surfers. I still have a lot more to write about the wonderful people we met who ended up hanging out with us every day during our week in Palawan.

One of our wonderful Couchsurfing hosts, Lia, had been so generous to spend entire days taking us around the city and helping us, we couldn’t say no to her when she really wanted us to try “balut”, a developing duck embryo that is boiled alive and eaten in the shell. This is a very popular delicacy both in Philippines and Cambodia. I can’t believe I managed to push myself to eat this.

Lia had some sympathy and waited until it was night time for us to eat this so we wouldn’t have as good a view of the embryo. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and it helps to not be staring at it when you’re downing it.

I was pescotarian for 9 years before I came to Asia, meaning I ate ethically sourced seafood and no pork or chicken, and this was during my flexotarian phase. I wanted to be open to at least try to eat what the local people ate during my time in Asia.

I’m sorry I ate you little bird.

3 thoughts on “Eating duck embryo in the Philippines

      • My host said it was an insult for me to refuse the balut but they smiled when they said that. They knew that I wouldn’t like the balut. They knew I would run away. I think they were just teasing me.

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