50th wedding anniversary

Album cover

My godparents Mami Angela and Papi Roland.

A few weeks ago I was very happy to be in Mauritius to celebrate my godparents’ 50th wedding anniversary. Yes, that’s right, 50th anniversary!

This is of course something that many couples, especially in North American culture, rarely achieve. We celebrated with 250 guests at a restaurant in the country’s capital Port Louis.

My godparents, whom I call Mami and Papi, are my first parents because they raised me for the first two years of my life in Mauritius before I went to Canada.

Mmmmmmm cake.

Mami’s brothers and sisters all in good health. She is one of 12!

Lovely cousins.

Cousins’ wives Jacqueline and Genvieve who are always so cheerful and welcoming.

My aunt’s family on my dad’s side. They are always so welcoming whenever I stay over and I love playing with their daughters. They have an endless amount of energy and always make me laugh.

My generous cousins on my dad’s side of the family.

My dad’s brothers and sisters who all live in Delicious Mauritius.

Ching ching (cheers).

Always playing.

My cousin’s daughter Lana. She’s so thoughtful to give me two of her jewelry for me to remember her and drew me a birthday card.

They’re always so photogenic.

My talented nephew who sings, dances, mixes and is my hookup to the cool places around Mauritius.

More awesome cousins Lonlon and Alain who I love hanging out with and are incredibly generous with all of their guests.


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