How long food takes to grow in Marinduque, Philippines


It’s been a great experience learning about farming and gaining a much greater understanding of how long our food takes to grow naturally. I’ve grown up getting my food from stores and markets in Canada so it’s easy to be so disconnected from our food and the people who grow our food.

I have a much greater appreciation for the work of farmers after spending time in villages in Cambodia, farms in Thailand and one farm in Marinduque, Philippines. My friend and I spent 8 days in Marinduque island with my friend’s brother, whose family owns a big piece of land. They have rain about six months of the year and it’s dry season the rest of the year. Of course the amount of time food takes to grow depends on weather.

Given that Marinduque gets about 6 months of rain in the year and sun for the other half, here is approximately how long their food takes to grow:

Squash: 40 days

Tumeric: 1 year

Coconut tree: 7 years

Pechay: 1 month

Okra: 40 days

Cucumber: 2 months

Garlic: 1 month

One pineapple: 1 year!



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