Features of the most well-designed bathrooms

This post focuses on the most well-designed bathrooms, not necessarily the aesthetic of a bathroom. Sure they make look pretty for guests, but after doing my business in almost every kind of bathroom you can think of the past year from squatters to hotel bathrooms, I appreciate the features of accommodating potties.

So far Taiwan and Singapore have the cleanest and most functional bathrooms of all the places I’ve been in North America, Asia, Europe and Africa. These are the features of the most well-designed bathrooms that some of you may take for granted:

This is the only public bathroom I have ever seen that gave real-time updates on which stalls were available before you even walk in. This bathroom was at the train station in Taiwan.

Put amusing figures in the bathroom to bring a smile to your potty users like they do here in a club bathroom in Luang Prabang, Laos.

A garbage bin to put your personal trash.

These high-speed hand dryers are fantastic and help the environment by reducing the number of waste we produce.

People who clean bathrooms regularly are doing a great service for the public.

Every bathroom stall in Taiwan had this help button in case seniors or other people fell or needed some kind of assistance.

Other features of well-designed bathrooms

  • Music playing to mask unappealing potty noises, which is a feature of some bathrooms in Japan and I think is a feature that should be implemented in all public washrooms including workplaces.
  • Having a stall big enough and a place to put your luggage if you are traveling.
  • Hooks on the door to hang your bag. It’s amazing how there are no hooks to put your bag in many stalls.

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