When strangers become instant friends

Last night I was very happy to reunite with my Thai friend Sudjai Sudjai in Siem Reap. I first met Sudjai back in January this year when my friend and I took the wrong bus and went 8 hours in the wrong direction. We meant to go to Koh Surin island south of Thailand but who knew that there was also a Surin City going up north. Read that full story here.

We arrived at Surin at 5:00 a.m. and had to wait 14 hours for the next bus. Thankfully the was a coffee shop by the station with Wi-Fi so we hung out there for most of the day.

We started chatting with Sudjai, her husband and their friends and we found out she spoke fluent Khmer (Cambodian) and they were so kind to spend probably 8 hours with us at the coffee shop! They even drove us to the night market, gave us a tour and helped us order our dinner food. They kindly stayed with us right until we got on the night bus and said next time we come to Surin, we can stay with them.

Last night in Siem Reap, we went out for Khmer food, walked around the night market, saw a traditional dance show and got a massage while we watched the ladyboy show. As I walked Sudjai and her friend back to her guesthouse, she kindly said, “Next time you are in Surin you can stay with us. We have an extra room.”

Tonight is our last night together and we’re going to the weekly jazz show at Heritage Hotel.




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