Christmas craziness in a 95% Buddhist country

Picture before security kicked us out of the display booth.


I’ve become very close to many of the women on my football team in Siem Reap since we met two months ago. It’s refreshing to have a group of people to can constantly laugh, be silly and invite each other to events happening around town.

This is my first December holiday away from Vancouver and it helps a lot for me to be with good friends here. Our team will celebrate the holidays together by cooking together and there’s no one else I’d rather spend the night with than them while I’m away from my family.

I”m very happy to be in a predominantly Buddhist country for Christmas for several reasons:

1. There is sun every day here.

2. I don’t really celebrate Christmas and neither do many of our friends.

I am a tree. 

3. There isn’t the excessive shopping and marketing hype where people go crazy at the malls and break into fights to buy crap they don’t need.

After our usual Thursday football game, we decided to go to one of the nearby hotels and take pictures with the Christmas displays. We were attracting so much attention to ourselves that the security guard kicked us and everyone out of the display booth. Our craziest friend asked the police officer to take our picture as she posed like a model. He did not look amused.

And then we proceeded for our weekly $0.75 fruit shake place. We were very happy that they gave us our shakes in a reusable come than plastic cups. There is too much packaging all around the country and the plastic takes a long time to break down. So whenever we can, we try to bring our own cups to reduce the amount of garbage that gets used.

I’m looking forward to our agnostic/Buddhist/Christmas cooking night this Thursday with the girls. We have one life (depends what you believe), so why not laugh as much as we can?

I really don’t know why they kicked us out.



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