Picnics by Angkor Wat


One of the many advantages of living in Siem Reap and having local friends is the Khmer (Cambodian) people can talk to the Angkor Wat checkpoint guards to get you in the beautiful Angkor Wat area for free. Otherwise, foreigners have to pay US $20.

It’s so easy to make friends in town and when you find good people, it’s great to just go with the flow in the day and chill out by the world’s largest religious site anytime.


Our team played football on an early Sunday morning and we decided to all get breakfast by the temples. As we passed the checkpoint, me and my other Western friend was hiding our faces as our Cambodian friends talked to the guards to say we are just going to the picnic area for some food. So they let us through.

Two of our friends disappeared for 30 minutes to get food for everyone and it was wonderful to have our friends and some of their kids enjoy a great morning by the beautiful water before enjoying a meal together.






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