11 Reasons why Changi Airport is awesome

The airport has these simple rating systems that makes it easy for passengers to give instant feedback. I have never seen so many feedback tools  in any other airport I’ve been to.

You know an airport is amazing it becomes part of your travel itinerary. I’ve been fortunate to travel around Europe, Asia, North America and Mauritius and the Changi Airport is by far the best and most functional airport I have visited.

I have a strong appreciation for spaces that are very well-designed to facilitate an efficient flow of traffic for people and transportation. Excellent design includes having clear signs for where to go, functional bathrooms, and ways for people to give feedback. Compared to North America and some parts of Europe, everything from the moment you land in Changi Airport everything feels smooth and efficient.

I can see why Skytrax, a consultancy from the UK that conducts airport reviews and rankings, named Changi the world’s best airport for 2015. The way Changi operates reflects culture of efficiency and continuous improvement in Singapore.

We didn’t have time to visit the Butterfly Garden, movie theatre, Sunflower Garden, and playgrounds in the airport. But my reasons for why Changi Airport is awesome includes more functional aspects of the airport.

These are my 11 reasons why Changi Airport is awesome:

1. Fast check-in

The passport control is very quick. You’re not interrogated needlessly by immigration officers and have dogs checking your bags for drugs like many of the airports in the U.S.

2. Continuous customer feedback

You can even rate every toilet you go to around the airport. The screen says “This screen is sanitzed regularly.”

You can rate the customer service at some of the food stalls.

3. You can get food all day and night

The food gallery has a mix of Asian and Western food.

4. There is a designated area for smokers

Some airports don’t have designated rooms.

5. Charging stations

There are charging stations around the airport. This may sound like a simple concept but not every airport has charging stations at the gates or around the airport for passengers.

6. Drinking water

There is public drinking water available so you don’t have to spend a crazy amount just to get water.

7. Clear signage

You can’t get lost at the airport because there are clear signs in the right places that make it easy for people to direct themselves.

8. Internet stations

There are internet stations around the airport and there are no chairs so people can only spend time on the computer for as long as they can stand.

9. Clean and functional bathrooms

The bathroom are very clean and also functional. Every stall has a hand sanitizer, a hook on the door, and enough space to put your luggage. Again, this may sound simple but many airport bathrooms don’t leave enough space to put your luggage or your bags.

10. Sports gallery

You can watch sports in the food gallery.

11. Reducing waste

There are recycling bins around the airport, making it easy for customers to reduce their environmental impact.


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