The top 6 stereotypical picture poses in Taiwan

Potato pose

Dimple pose

Scissor hands

Lucky cat pose that originated from Japan

Duck face

Standard pose that every girl takes in an Asian club

You know you’re in Asia when . . .

1) You see a Sailor Moon taxi in the middle of a national park

2) You have assorted dumplings for breakfast

3) You’re at least a head taller than everyone else around you

4) You begin to tell people to get out of your picture shot

5) You have to squat to do no. 1, no. 2, or no. 1.5


6) You’re eating Asian snacks every hour and a half


7) You are constantly doing selfies and documenting everything you eat


8) You carry around toilet paper in case you have nothing left but a bum hose in the bathroom


9) You eat anything that has four legs or lives under water


10) You don’t care how you look wearing a face mask everywhere you go


11) You eat two plates of noodles and a big bowl of wonton soup in one sitting


12) You begin reviewing the same pictures at least 20 times in one day


13) You stay at a Hello Kitty or rubber ducky hotel room instead of the usual hostel