Koko’s recommended stay at Edu Hostel Jogja, Indonesia


Communal space with comfy cushions, two guitars and a foosball table.

Edu Hostel Jogja is definitely the place to go if you are looking for a witty, clean, and comfortable place to meet other travelers in Jogyakarta, Indonesia. For 70,000 rupiah (about $6 US), you can stay in a shared dorm with six beds, a free tasty breakfast on their rooftop with a nice view of the city, free Wi-Fi, access to computer stations, and great service. Other guesthouses in parts of the city charge at least 100,000 rupiah per night and don’t include Wi-Fi.

The hostel’s design reflects Jogyakarta’s creative culture with the integration of beautiful art, vibrant colours, witty signs and inspiring quotes. The communal environment is what makes Edu Hostel a few steps above the great European hostels I’ve stayed at before. And they also use solar panels on their roof!

Creating a community environment with intentional design


This sign is at the stand-up computer station, which was purposely designed without seats to encourage people to talk to each other instead of being locked at the computer.

On top of being a comfortable and very functional place, I love that Edu Hostel attempts to create a community environment with smart an intentional design. For example, there is no Wi-Fi in any of the rooms because they want to encourage people to talk to each other. So they only have Wi-Fi on the first floor, which is an open space and you can enjoy the catchy music they play, creating a fun vibe. Even the computer stations on the first floor are stand-up stations to discourage people from being plugged in all the time.

When you walk up the stairs, on each floor you can find inspiring quotes along the way. When you reach the top where the food and drinks are, you can see a 90-degree pool that people can swim in while looking at a 360-degree view of the city. When you’re done your meal, you are responsible for clearing your dishes by bringing them to the table station.

Simply smart design


Quote on our hostel room wall.

I really appreciate places that are user-friendly and design things in a way that makes sense for people. It’s often very hard to be simple.

Here are a few examples of some of the smart design aspects of Edu Hostel:

  • The plug outlets to charge your electronics are placed inside your locker so they’re not in plain view when you leave your room. At first I kept wondering why they didn’t have any outlets in the room, but now I know it’s for security.
  • The toilet is separate from the showers so if one person is doing their business, that doesn’t stop your roomies from taking a shower. Usually  hostels have the shower and toilet in one room.
  • You have to buzz in with your keycard to enter the room area on each floor, which adds another layer of security.

I’d still choose staying with a local person on Couchsurfing over a hostel but unfortunately the people I messaged were either busy or out of town, which is why I ended up staying a Edu Hostel in the first place. But I’m glad I did and I was still able to connect with some couch surfing hosts in the end, which is a whole other adventure I’ll talk about in my next post.

I love intentional spaces that are created for people and Edu Hostel is impressive, inspiring and great value for the few dollars you pay per night.


Restaurant patio


Solar panels


A sign at the elevator telling you how many calories you will lose if you take the stairs. After reading this, we took the stairs.


Colourful wall decor between floors.


One of several speakers playing good music around the hostel.