Snacking by the airport for fun

Beautiful sunset drive to the airport from the centre of Siem Reap city.

People often ask me what my favorite country was to visit outside Canada and I am very biased because I’ve spent three years in Siem Reap and had the time to discover all the places tourists never have time to see, develop lifelong friendships with the wonderful people here and always discovering new hidden gems. I’m not sure what my answer would be if I had lived a few years in Bali, Laos or Chiang Mai.

Hanging right outside the airport gates with Konnitha and her daughter Hannah.

The benefit of living in a new place for a long time is there is always something new to discover, especially if you mainly have local friends and every day can be a surprise if you have an open mind and heart during your stay.

After I finished a 5-hour bike ride in the Angkor complex, which seems to have an endless number of routes, my best friend Konnitha asked me if I wanted to drive with her and her 2-year-old daughter Hannah around the Angkor area and hang out by the airport to watch the planes.

The people who have opened up food stalls right outside the airport gates as more people are spending time watching the planes land and fly.

“You can hang out by the airport?” I asked Konnitha.

“Yes, you can buy snacks to eat and watch the planes. More and more food sellers are setting up their business by the airport because people come to watch the planes every day,” Konnitha said.

Me being a touristy passenger.

So we went on a beautiful drive during sunset around the Angkor complex, bought some snacks to munch on and sat on a mat just outside the airport with Hannah. We saw two planes fly by and it was just a beautiful and unique way to pass the evening.

There is no way I would ever find out you can do this if I didn’t have local friends.


In case you’re staying overnight at the Jakarta airport . . .


This is in Terminal 2 close to the A&W.

I only booked a flight out of Jakarta because I thought I was going to see a bit of the city for a few days before I left. Thankfully I didn’t end up doing that because I heard both from Indonesians and expats that it’s not the best place to be of all the cities to visit in the country.


This is in Terminal 1 close to the info booth on the first floor.

Since the city centre is far from the airport and I was catching a flight the next day, it was easier for me to stay overnight at the airport. I tried to look for a reasonably priced accommodation close to the airport but there was nothing available for less than 350,000 rupiahs a night.
If you’re looking for a place with good Wi-Fi, access to a plug and reasonably priced food, come to Terminal 2 of the airport at a restaurant called Dapoer Mie. You can get a free yellow shuttle bus outside the exit doors from the other terminals to get to Terminal 2.

I’ve checked out the menus for many of the restaurants in Terminal 1 and 2 and the prices at Dapoer Mie are among the best, ranging from 15,000 to 25,000 rupiahs for a meal. Drinks range from 5,000 (hot tea) to 15,000 (juices).

If you’re in Terminal 1, the restaurant Q Talk by the information booth on the main floor had a two for one drink special for 28,000 rupiahs.

Enjoy your stay.