DSC_0632This would be so illegal in Canada but I wish we had a vibrant street food culture like many places around Asia.

I first spotted this pizza shop on a tuk tuk (motorized taxi) around Siem Reap, Cambodia when I was bicycling. The fire caught my attention and I went closer until I realized it was a woodfire oven right at the back of a scooter.

The pizza chef is originally from Phnom Penh and many people stop for pizza as he goes around town. Once you place your order, they make it fresh on the spot for you.

I always spotted him when I wasn’t looking for him and when I tried to find the tuk tuk pizza, I couldn’t find him. My good friend and I promised that if we passed him on the way back home, we would stop for a pizza. It was pretty good for a fresh, street pizza.

But because he is business savvy, you can take his business card and they do free delivery.




A farewell letter after a filed divorce from Fido

I’m finally free from my long three-year contract with my ex-phone carrier in Vancouver, Canada. Unfortunately there are few companies that we can choose from and having a phone in the province of British Columbia can be quite expensive if you don’t talk to the right people or know how to work the customer service system. I’m talking about this now because I’ve been paying $51 CDN a month for my phone bill for 7 months to honour the rest of my contract with the phone company Fido while I’ve been out of the country.

Now with more companies popping up with more flexible options that actually serve the customers, month-to-month plans are looking more appealing to me by the time I get back to Vancouver. Even though the catch is paying a few hundred Canadian dollars to buy their phone, in the long run, you still save a lot more money than buying into a long contract with a higher bill and a free phone. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the phone reception though.

This is one of many reasons why I filed for divorce from Fido.

Dear Fido,

We’ve been through a lot in the three years that we’ve been together.

You got me at hello when you tempted me with a free phone if I signed a three-year contract, which was very attractive to me at the time.

It was a great first year honeymoon period where everything seemed perfect and you were so considerate. You sent me messages when my minutes almost reached its limit so I wouldn’t have to pay more. You were always there for me whenever I needed support and met all my needs.

But one day, you changed. All of a sudden you were absent when I needed you most. When a thief took my phone on the street and ran away into an alley, I called you for support to cut off my phone but your “policy” said for some reason it could not be done.

Because I no longer had a smart phone and did not want to pay so much money for another phone, I didn’t want to break up with you, but just change the conditions of our relationship by changing plans. While your friend was very sympathetic to my situation and offered me a free activation for the cheap phone that was not Wi-Fi friendly, you were heartless. You wanted to charge me $100 after my phone was stolen. Because you had the power to make the decision to help me, you are worse than the thief who stole the phone. It’s one thing if I voluntarily chose to change the plan, but my phone was taken from me at night and I had been with you for two years by this point already. You couldn’t have given something back to me?

Now I am fulfilling my passions for traveling and even though I had another 8 months left in our relationship, I made the monthly payments to uphold my end of the bargain. And now my contract is up and I want to close my account, and you tell me there is a 30-day notice policy and have one last charge?

I should have paid the $400 cancellation fee to leave you sooner and now I will never come back to you no matter how much you try to tempt me with good plans, free phones and other services. Begging me for mercy?

It’s too late. You should have been good to me in the first place, not just when you need something from me. I respect myself, and leaving you for good for something better.

I will make sure to warn my friends about how you really are, not what you market yourself to be. It’s all fake.

Goodbye forever.