In case you’re staying overnight at the Jakarta airport . . .


This is in Terminal 2 close to the A&W.

I only booked a flight out of Jakarta because I thought I was going to see a bit of the city for a few days before I left. Thankfully I didn’t end up doing that because I heard both from Indonesians and expats that it’s not the best place to be of all the cities to visit in the country.


This is in Terminal 1 close to the info booth on the first floor.

Since the city centre is far from the airport and I was catching a flight the next day, it was easier for me to stay overnight at the airport. I tried to look for a reasonably priced accommodation close to the airport but there was nothing available for less than 350,000 rupiahs a night.
If you’re looking for a place with good Wi-Fi, access to a plug and reasonably priced food, come to Terminal 2 of the airport at a restaurant called Dapoer Mie. You can get a free yellow shuttle bus outside the exit doors from the other terminals to get to Terminal 2.

I’ve checked out the menus for many of the restaurants in Terminal 1 and 2 and the prices at Dapoer Mie are among the best, ranging from 15,000 to 25,000 rupiahs for a meal. Drinks range from 5,000 (hot tea) to 15,000 (juices).

If you’re in Terminal 1, the restaurant Q Talk by the information booth on the main floor had a two for one drink special for 28,000 rupiahs.

Enjoy your stay.