Halloween Highlights in Siem Reap

I’m days late posting, my internet connection has been bad. October 31 was my first Halloween in Siem Reap, Cambodia and I wasn’t sure how many people would dress up but there were many locals and expats who went all out with makeup and costumes.

My night started with a very quiet dinner with close friends. Then we went into town, ran into other friends and made new ones. We went to the gay bar, expat bar then the club on Pub Street. Yes, there is a place called Pub Street where the tourists and locals go to get smashed. But going totally sober is also a fun experience because you get to watch everyone.

I forgot my mask at home so that’s why I’m not dressed in any of the pictures.

My friends and regular dance buddies.

Pub Street

A very typical night on Pub Street except people are in costumes.

One of my great friends Cho.

Ladyboy in Siem Reap

Halloween ladybody

No comment.

I met a tigress

Date for the night?

Another friend and regular dance buddy.

More Halloween ladyboys.