DSC_0632This would be so illegal in Canada but I wish we had a vibrant street food culture like many places around Asia.

I first spotted this pizza shop on a tuk tuk (motorized taxi) around Siem Reap, Cambodia when I was bicycling. The fire caught my attention and I went closer until I realized it was a woodfire oven right at the back of a scooter.

The pizza chef is originally from Phnom Penh and many people stop for pizza as he goes around town. Once you place your order, they make it fresh on the spot for you.

I always spotted him when I wasn’t looking for him and when I tried to find the tuk tuk pizza, I couldn’t find him. My good friend and I promised that if we passed him on the way back home, we would stop for a pizza. It was pretty good for a fresh, street pizza.

But because he is business savvy, you can take his business card and they do free delivery.




Part 2: You know you’re a Westerner in Cambodia when . . .

1. You think “bay” (rice) and “bey” (number three) sound exactly the same

rice not equal 3

2. When people who are much better-looking than you call you beautiful because of your lighter skin

3. You actually use your traffic signals on your motto or car


4. When you scream at pitches you didn’t even know you had every time you see a cockroach or a spider and your Cambodian friends are confused at your seemingly irrational fear

5. When you go shopping to find self-tanning lotion and all you can find is whitening lotion


6. You realize that pajamas are not just for sleeping, it can be used for sun protection and makes for very comfortable market wear

7. You are confused when the box of ingredients you can add to your pizza includes soy sauce 

I’m continuing this series of “You know you’re a Western in X country when . . .” as I visit other countries over the next year. If you have any ideas, please submit them to melissa.chungfat@gmail.com and I will post it.

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