Powerful quotes from The Blue Sweater


I finished reading a fantastic book called The Blue Sweater by Jacqueline Novogratz. She writes about her passion for finding ways to tackle global poverty and how she left a career in international banking to do so.

The book includes powerful stories on hard lessons she learned in development, heart-wrenching stories of strong women who survived the Rwandan genocide and entrepreneurs who are implementing innovative solutions to development when people believed it was impossible.

Here are some quotes that really struck me:

“I am because you are.”—A saying in parts of Africa

“In the end, goodness triumphs over the bad. It is our challenge to do good to serve others without waiting for the good to be returned. I am convinced that those people who cultivate universal love will have good fortune on earth. In serving others, I found light in a place of utmost darkness.”—Honourata, a Rwandan genocide survivor who worked to support widows.