Ko Chang jungle trek


I was ready to do something active in Ko Chang so I decided to join the Kongoi Jungle Trekking. The tour leader (sorry I forgot his name) is associated with most of the tour agencies around the island. I booked a full day tour and it was a decent price (about 1000 baht) for the day including lunch, water and snacks.

I was impressed by our solo leader, who clearly grew up in the jungle and answered most people’s questions. Anyone who would attempt any routes alone would easily get lost since most of the trails look very similar. This guy manages everything on his own from the transportation, bookings, getting all the supplies ready and planning the route. He changes the route regularly.

One participant holding our new tarantula friend.

While we were in the forest, he knew where to spot a tarantula’s home in a hole in the ground. He had to lure it out, make sure it was calm so it doesn’t bite anyone and asked people who wanted to hold it. A few people held it and one guy even put it on his face! Oh my. The rest of the walk he stopped to let people climb parts of some unique-looking trees, enjoy a swim by the waterfall and walked at a nice pace.

Sunset ride

A fun ride on this 125 cc Kawasaki

After being in Cambodia for so long and being friends with mostly local people, I was really missing hanging out with local people in the other countries I visited. I was one of the last people the leader dropped off and he told me he had to move his stuff to his new house tonight. I asked if he needed help and he said yes and would get me a drink in return. He even let me ride his 125 cc bike to his place. I love how people around Asia are so easygoing when it comes to letting people rides their bikes or drive their cars.

I helped him pack his truck and followed him on the bike. He had a great custom house that he just built and it had a great sunset view too. It was awesome just chilling with him and my friend for a bit then we had to get back.

Another wonderful and hospital Thai friend.

Sunset view by the house.

Climbing during a break.